Milénico appears with an intense, attractive Bigarreau cherry red color with a rim of chromatic elegance. On the nose, this wine expresses a complex and elegant intensity of aromas with subtle toasted toffee notes accompanying the licorice. Hints of blackberry, sweet red currant compote, and balsamic notes from fine oak express depth and power. In the mouth, Milénico is powerful, with a full-bodied character highlighted by warm and inviting notes, such as its mineral profile in which balanced acidity and exceptional tannins caress the palate. It has a broad finish and great length.

The Milénico winery is born on the banks of the Duero River, in the heart of the Ribera del Duero, a region with over a thousand years of uninterrupted tradition and culture for wine. The environment’s harsh climate and regular fluctuations forces the vines into a daily rhythm of activity that creates a distinctive character in the wine. Milénico embraces the gifts of the land and merges them with its own quest for perfection in winemaking, from vine to bottle to table.