Vega Vella Blanco appears clean and bright in a yellow lemon color. Mango, pineapple, and kiwi mingle with lime and grapefruit in a fruity aroma. Aromas of green fruit with hints of herb add a certain minerality to the experience. The Sauvignon Blanc introduces a pleasant acidity that balances the creaminess and volume of the Grenache Blanc. This wine is fresh and strong to the palate.

Vega Vella Blanco pairs well with seafood, buffet-style meals, rice dishes, and pasta.

Bodegas Cornelio takes pride in producing wine through pure, natural processes from vine to bottle. They embrace the assets of La Rioja’s microclimates and terrain to cultivate grapes imbued with the character of the region. Time and again, their labors generate wines that transmit the unique sensation that is Rioja.