Spain’s wine reserves run deep with quality, competitively priced wines. In addition to the classic selection of reds, whites, and sparkling wine, the country produces exceptional blue wine, sangria, and vermouth selections.

Blue Wine

Blue wine is a recent revolution among oenologists. Created from the hues of anthocyanins, blue wines introduce a fresh genre to wine standards, bringing new conversation to an industry in which reds, rosés, whites, and cavas have traditionally dominated. The blue wine’s fruity flavors and disruptive tonality generate debate among tasters and lovers of good wine.


Perhaps the most famous of all Spanish drinks, the sangria is an essential item on any Spanish menu. Spain’s Rioja red wines excel in this space, providing an affordable, high-quality base for sangria.


Vermouth is a Spanish tradition. The aromatized wine earned its own hour—la hora del vermut. Produced predominantly in Catalonia, Spanish vermouth is sweet and red. While excellent for cocktails, Spanish vermouth can also stand on its own.

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