Aged 4 months in French oak barrels, this unique wine is transparent with ochre reflections. On the nose, sweet pastry, vanilla, white flowers, white fruits like pear with citrus undertones. This wine is creamy, elegant and lively with medium weight. The finish is long marked by good acidity and elegant tannins.

Viña Leizaola has achieved remarkable success since its recent acquisition and management of the vineyard in 2011. The name El Sacramento originates from a brotherhood in the medieval village of Laguardia who owned the main plot of land that they cultivate today and where it produced wine in the 16th century. The income generated at that time was dedicated to the activities of the brotherhood: helping the poor and sick.

Today, the El Sacramento winery is a château-style structure in Rioja Alavesa producing balanced and long-lived wines. They focus on managing the terroir plot-by-plot to produce a high-end wine, with low yield production. LEIZAOLA is proud to have beehives occupying the vineyard, thus assuring environmental integration. A traditional vinification is employed to respect the elegance of the Tempranillo grape. The Rioja Alavesa area benefits from a complex mix of Atlantic and Mediterranean climates. The calcareous and limestone soils provide constant moisture to the roots of the vine stocks. Those conditions of terroir are key to producing complex, elegant, persistent, and velvet wines. Thanks to 20 hectares of vineyards with the winery located in the middle, they can closely follow the evolution of every vintage to enhance quality. This way of working is in clear contrast to the large Rioja wineries that buy and process grapes from many small vine growers.