Grown in limestone soils, this white wine brings out the best of the Chardonnay and Viognier grapes. At harvest, Seleccíon Lucendo’s laborers hand-pick grapes before dawn, collecting the clusters in small-capacity boxes. They then vinify each of the grape varieties separately, creating cryo-macerations in order to reach the maximum extraction of aromas.

Marta Cibelina presents an attractive aroma, round mouth, and fleshy, broad, sweet notes.

Marta Cibelina pairs well with fish and poultry.

Founded four generations ago in 1919, Seleccíon Lucendo is a family-owned winery in Argamasilla de Alba. The award-winning winery cultivates vineyards with an eye to ecologically natural processes, allowing the terroirs of the region to bring the grapes to proper maturation. The bodega also possesses an on-site laboratory to test and develop the highest caliber wines.